Prof. Dr. Andrei Naumov 

Head of the Condensed Matter Spectroscopy Department;

Head of The Shpol'skii Chair of Theoretical Physics of MSPU.

Doctor Habilitation in Physics (Doctor of Sciences); Ph.D.

QEOD Board Member of the European Physical Society.

Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

NEWS (>>>):

 2018.05.28 - Invited talk at the Russian conference and the school of young scientists on topical problems of Raman spectroscopy (Novosibirsk, Russia) (>>>.)

 2018.05.24 - Scientific seminar on modern aspects of visualization and diagnostics of single molecules at the Kazan Federal University (Kazan, Russia)

 2018.05.21 - A low-dimensional seminar at the Physico-Technical Institute named A.F. Ioffe of the Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg, Russia)

 2018.04.24 - IV Russian-German-French Laser Symposium. (>>>.)

 2018.03.25 - Lecture on the theme “New Materials and Instruments for Optics and Photonics” in the Institute of Physics (MSPU). (>>>.)

 2017.11.26 - Lecture in the framework of the project ‘University Saturdays’ in the Institute of Physics (MSPU). (>>>.)

 2017.11.20 - XV international conference on quantum optics and quantum information ICQOQI-XV (Minsk, Belarus) (>>>.)

 2017.11.14 - XV all-Russian youth of the Samara competition-conference of scientific works on optics and laser physics (Samara, Russia) (>>>.)

 2017.11.09 - XI International conference: modern nanotechnologies and nanophotonics for science and industry (Suzdal, Russia)

 2017.11.03 - Troitsk school of professional development of physics teachers «Actual problems of physics and astronomy» (Troitsk, Russia) (>>>.)

 2017.10.30 - General meeting of the Professors of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Board Meeting of the Physical Branch of RAS (>>>.)

 2017.10.17 - XXI International youth scientific school “Coherent optics and optical spectroscopy” C??S-2017 (Kazan, Russia) (>>>.)

 2017.09.16 - XI International symposium on photon echo and coherent spectroscopy PECS-2017 (Svetlogorsk, Russia) (>>>.)

 2017.09.10 - 7th German – Russian Travelling Seminar “Nanomaterials and scattering methods (Ekaterinburg – Kazan – Dubna – Moscow) (>>>.)

 2017.06.28 - Congratulations to our students with excellent defences of their master and bachelor diploma!!! Moscow, Russia. (>>>.)

 2017.06.27 - Joint meeting of the Council of the Russian Union of Rectors and the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2017.06.27) Moscow, Russia. (>>>.)

 2017.06.26 - Board meeting of the Quantum Electronics and Optics Division of the European Physical Society (2017.06.26) Munich, Germany. (>>>.)

 2017.06.25 - Meeting of the International Steering Committee of the International Day of Light, Munich, Germany (2017.06.25). (>>>.)

 2017.06.21 - Summer reception of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft in Russia - 2017, Moscow, Russia (2017.06.21). (>>>.)

 2017.04.27 - Organisation of VIII-th Competition of scientific projects of schoolchildren "Physical marathon - Step into science", Moscow, Russia (2017.04.27). (>>>.)

 2017.04.24 - Invited talk at the 10th D. N. Klyshko Workshop on Quantum optics, Moscow-Zavidovo, Russia. (>>>.)

 2017.04.02 - Popular lecture "What is nanoscopy or how to look on single molecule" at The "University Saturdays", Moscow, Russia. (>>>.)

 2017-03-20 - British-Russian Workshop «Mapping potential joint UK/Russia work on Quantum Technologies», Moscow, Russia (20-24.03.2017). (>>>.)

 2017-03-20 - Visit to Aston University and Southampton University (UK), Moscow, Russia (20-24.03.2017). (>>>.)

 2017-03-01 - Invited lecture at the 3rd Conference on Physical-mathematical and technological eduactions, Moscow, Russia (1-3.03.2017). (>>>.)

 2017-01-26 - Invited talk at the Dortmund Technical University (26.01.2017). (>>>.)

 2016-12-14 - Participation to the round-table conference at the Council on Science and Education of the Russian Pairlament (Gosudarstvennaya Duma). (>>>.)

 2016-12-01 - Sabbatical leave in Bayreuth University (Germany) with support from DAAD (01.12.2016-31.01.2017). (>>>.)

 2016-11-10 - Invited talk at the Conference "Modern nanotechnologies and nanophotonics for science and industry", Suzdal-Vladimir, Russia (10-13.11.2016). (>>>.)

 2016.10.03 - Organising the XXV Congress on Spectroscopy, Troitsk Moscow, Russia (03-07.10.2016). (>>>.)


 M.V. Knyazev et al., "Revisiting the combined photon echo and single-molecule studies of low-temperature dynamics in a dye-doped polymer",  Physica Status Solidi (RRL) - Rapid Research Letters, 11, 1600414 (2017).

 I.Yu. Eremchev et al., "Auger Ionization and Tunneling Neutralization of Single CdSe/ZnS Nanocrystals Revealed by Excitation Intensity Variation",  J. Phys. Chem. C, 120, 22004 (2016).

 A.L.Shchukina et al., "Looking at a blinking quantum emitter through time slots: The effect of blind times",  Physical Review E, 92, 032102 (2015).
The paper has been selected by APS as "Featured in Physics"

 T.A.Anikushina et al., "Single-molecule spectromicroscopy: a route towards sub-wavelength refractometry",  Faraday Discussions, 184, 263 (2015).

 M.Orrit et al., "Quantum optics, molecular spectroscopy and low-temperature spectroscopy: general discussion",  Faraday Discussions, 184, 275 (2015).

 I.S.Osad'ko et al., "Two Mechanisms of Fluorescence Intermittency in Single Core/Shell Quantum Dot",  J. Phys. Chem. C, 119, 22646 (2015).

 K.A.Magaryan et al.,  "Spatially-resolved luminescence spectroscopy of CdSe quantum dots synthesized in ionic liquid crystal matrices", J.Luminesc., 169B, 799 (2015).

 Y.G.Vainer et al., "Fluorescent microscopy and spectroscopy of subsurface layers dynamics of polymers with nm-resolution in axial direction",  Farad. Disc. 184, 237(2015).

  INVITED COLLOQUIUM PAPER: A.V.Naumov, I.Yu. Eremchev, A.A. Gorshelev "Laser selective spectromicroscopy of myriad single molecules: tool for far-field multicolour materials nanodiagnostics", The Europead Physical Journal D, 68 (11), 348, (2014)


  The International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies-2015 (>>>)

  The press-release on our researches in the field of single-molecule spectroscopy in the weekly newspaper "Poisk" (>>>)

  Video lecture of the Invited talk at International Nanotechnology Forum RUSNANOTECH-2011, Moscow 26-28/X, (>>>), (YouTube >>>)

  Selected events (photo gallery)

A.V.Naumov, A.A.Gorshelev... L.Kador, J.Köhler, "Far-Field Nano-Diagnostics of Solids with Visible Light by Spectrally Selective Imaging", Angewandte Chemie (international edition), v.48, iss.51, pp.9747-9750 (2009). - Cover page article (10.1002/anie.200905101)

"The spatial resolution of a microscope based on focusing optics is restricted by the Abbe diffraction limit. In their Communication A.V.Naumov, J.Köhler, and co-workers show that far-field imaging and spectroscopy of a giant ensemble of single fluorescent molecules provides structural information about the polycrystalline sample on a nanometer length scale, which is well below the Abbe limit. The obtained image reveals clear correlations between the locations of the chromophores and their spectral properties."

A.V.Naumov, "Low temperature spectroscopy of organic molecules in solid matrices: from the Shpolsky effect to the laser luminescent spectromicroscopy for all effectively emitting single molecules" - (Full-text review paper, available both in Russian and in English).


Eng: Physics Uspekhi, 56 (6), 605-622 (2013)

Rus: Uspekhi Fizicheskih Nauk, 183 (6), 633-652 (2013).

A.V.Naumov, I.Yu.Eremchev, A.A.Gorshelev, "Laser selective spectromicroscopy of myriad single molecules: Tool for far-field multicolour materials nanodiagnostics", The European Physical Journal D, v.68, iss.11, art.348 (2014). - Colloquium paper

"In this Colloquium, we discuss the main principles, achievements and perspectives in the field of highly parallel luminescence spectroscopy and imaging of single molecules (SM) in transparent solids. Special attention will be given to SM detection at low temperatures, where ultranarrow and bright zero-phonon lines (ZPL) of emitting centres are achievable for observation. Frequency of ZPL can be used as an additional property for separation of multiple SM images within diffraction limited volume, thus realising "multicolour" super-resolution microscopy. The extreme sensitivity of ZPL parameters to SM local environment allows application of SM spectromicroscopy for the study of structure and dynamics of doped solids on the nanometre scale. We show that the way to "bridge" the accidental rare events detected by SM probes to general material properties is a statistical analysis of spectral-spatial data obtained by a separated detection of all effectively fluorescing dye centres in a bulk sample. First experimental realisation of three-dimensional phononless luminescence SM spectromicroscopy with modification of SM point-spread function is demonstrated."


Andrei V. Naumov
Institute for Spectroscopy RAS,
Fizicheskaya Str., 5
Moscow Troitsk
108840, Russian Federation
Tel: +7(495)851-02-36;  Cell: +7(910)470-67-03;  Fax: +7(495)851-08-86
E-mail: naumov @ isan. troitsk. ru;   a_v_naumov @ mail. ru
Skype: andrei-naumov

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