Curriculum Vitae of Prof. Vladilen S. Letokhov


Doctor Honoris Causa
of Lund University
Promotion May 27, 2005, Lund, Sweden

T. Erlander Professorship
Inauguration in Uppsala, Sweden 
January 25, 2000
BORN November 10, 1939, Irkutsk, Sibiria, USSR
EDUCATION 1957-1963 Moscow Physical-Technical Institute, Dolgoprudnyi, Moscow Region, USSR; 
1963-1966 P.N.Lebedev Physical Institute,  Moscow: Graduation with Professor  N.G. Basov
  •  P.N.Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow:
    • Researcher (1966-1970); 
    • Ph.D. (1969) Degree of   Science (1970);
  • MIT Cambridge, Visiting Professor (1970);
  • Institute  of Spectroscopy of USSR Academy of Sciences; Troitsk, Moscow  Region, Russia:
    • Associate Director for Research (1971-1989);
    • Head of Laser Spectroscopy Dept. (1970-2009);
  • Moscow Physical-Technology Inst., Dolgoprudnyi:
    • Professor of Physics (1972-2009);
    • Chair of Quantum Optics (1986-1998);
  • UCLA, Los-Angeles, Blacet Lecturer in Physical Chemistry (1989);
  • Israel Academy of Sciences, James Franck Lecturer (1989);
  • Bayreth Univ., Emil Warburg Lecturer, Germany(1990);
  • Iowa Univ., Ida Beam Lecturer, USA (1990);
  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Intern. visiting Professor, USA, (1991);
  • Berkeley Univ., Regent Professor, CA, USA (1993);
  • Univ. Paris-Nord, Part-time Professor, France (1993-1996);
  • Univ. of Arizona, Part-time Professor, USA (1996-1997);
  • Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, Part-time Condorcet  Chair (1998);
  • University of Lund, Sweden, T. Erlander Professor (2000);
  • University of Lund, Institute of Astronomy, Part-time Research Professor (2001-2009)

Lenin State Prize (1978);
jointly V.P. Chebotayev
  • Honorary Jubilee Intern. Medal of 600 Years Anniversary of Heidelberg Univ. (1986);
  • Docteur Honoris Causa, Univ. Paris-Nord (1995);
  • Quantum Electronics Prize of European Physical Society (1998);
  • Rojdestvenskii Prize on Optics of Russian Academy of Sciences (2001);
  • State Prize of Russian Federation in science and technology (2002);
  • Doctor Honoris Causa, Lund University (2005)
  EDITOR (various periods)


    Intern. Handbook "Lasers Sciences and Technology"; 
    Journal of Laser Chemistry; 
    Journal "Lasers in the Life  Sciences"; 
    Journal of Nonlinear Optics
   (various periods)
    Optics Comm., Chem. Physics, Appl. Phys.B.,  Nuovo Cimento D.,
    Comm. At. Mol. Phys., Spectrochimica Acta, Chem. Phys. Lett.,
    Chinese Journ. of Las., Photonics News, Journ. of  Modern Optics,
    Sov. Phys.-JETP,  Sov. J. of Quant. Electronics, Journ. of Appl. Spectroscopy,
    Herald of Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Fellow of American Optical Society, USA;
  • External Member of Max Planck Society, FRG;
  • Member of European Acad. of Arts and Sciences;
  • Member of European Academy;
  • Member of Leibniz-Sozietaet
   PUBLICATIONS        more than 850 scientific articles and 14 monographs  in  the field
       of laser physics,  spectroscopy, chemistry, biomedicine and 
       astrophysics related with lasers.

  According to the data of the Institute  of Scientific Information (Philadelphia, USA), Prof. V.S.Letokhov is the most  frequently cited Russian scientist in all fields of science in the period 1973-1988 (The Scientist, 19 February, 1990,  vol.4., №4).
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